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About me

I have been a reader since before I could read—no really, I used to force adults to read to me by sitting on their lap and handing them a stack of books! Since I've been able to do the reading myself, my love of words, stories, and language has only grown. 

I've been an English tutor, a freelance writer, a marketing copywriter, and worked in corporate communications.

I've written for a range of different kinds of audiences and for a variety of formats, from media releases for some of Australia's largest companies to obituaries for people struggling to put their thoughts about their loved ones into words.

At the moment, I'm working as a copywriter and marketing specialist at Envato. I recently graduated from RMIT's Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing.

I am always learning and seeking to gain experience across a wide range of jobs and industries. I'm most drawn to businesses and organisations that are values-driven and purpose-led, where I can find real meaning in my work.

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