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Resumes and cover letters

In the market for a new job? I can help you make sure that your resume / CV and cover letter stands out from the crowd.

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Your resume is personal; it's you. That's why I take the time to understand you and your goals before I start working on any documents for your job applications.

I tailor my work to suit your strengths, your personality, and the industry you work in, so you know that your resume sounds like you.


You know that feeling when you've just hit 'submit' on an application and then you spot an egregious typo in the very sentence where you've said just how incredible your attention to detail is?

Avoid that feeling by recruiting a fresh (and sharp!) set of eyes before you submit any job applications.


I have experience helping people apply for jobs across a range of industries, job types, and levels of seniority. 

From entry-level to executive; physio to property developer—I can help.

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Kristin provided me with excellent advice on my resume in such a short time. She gave me great tips on how to put my best foot forward and highlight my strengths to help me stand out! Lots of great suggestions on how to adjust things without changing it too much and
picked up on many grammatical mistakes.

I feel really confident to now submit my resume for job applications!


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