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Editing services

Need general feedback? Want your copy polished line by line? Or do you need a final proofread for a larger project?

I can help!

Substantive or structural editing

Big picture editing and feedback

I'll read through your project and give you feedback on the overall structure, content and flow of your writing. You'll receive feedback on whether the style is working, whether you've pitched your content at the right audience, if there are any logical gaps, and more!

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Line-by-line edits

Copyediting ensures that your project is clear, professional, and consistent. I will comb through your writing and tidy up typos, banish spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, polish your punctuation, and tighten up your writing.

If you're bamboozled by the subjunctive mood, don't know where you would find (let alone split) an infinitive, or have no idea where you've dangled or misplaced your modifiers, then is the edit for you! 


A final check for last-minute typos

You're in the final stages of your project, but you don't want to let typos and mistakes undermine your credibility. I will check your document for typos, typesetting or design errors, tidy up formatting, and check pagination. 

A proofread is the final stage of editing a project goes through, so it does not include line by line feedback or more material suggestions on writing style or content.

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Not sure what kind of editing you need? Want to chat about how your work can be best improved by a professional edit? Get in touch and I'll help you understand everything you need to know about professional editing.

Editing: Services
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